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Team Nigeria celebrates as Judoka Ibrahim Abdallahi leaves hospital


Jubilant scenes unfolded in the camp of Team Nigeria late on Friday as Judoka Ibrahim Abdallahi, who suffered a cardiac arrest during his Judo match, was discharged from the hospital.

Abdallahi experienced a tension pneumothorax, which led to the cardiac arrest while competing. Swift medical intervention was provided, and he was promptly transported to a hospital where he received appropriate treatment.

Dr. Ofei-Labi, a Ghanaian Cardiothoracic surgeon overseeing Abdallahi’s care, confirmed his fitness for discharge after a week of comprehensive post-discharge management.

The news of Abdallahi’s recovery has brought relief and joy to the Nigerian contingent, who had been deeply concerned about his well-being following the distressing incident. His discharge signifies a positive turn of events and serves as a testament to the effectiveness of the medical response provided.

As Abdallahi rejoins his teammates, the focus now shifts back to the sporting events at hand, with renewed determination to compete fiercely and uphold the spirit of sportsmanship in the ongoing African Games.

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