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Super Eagles Head Coach Finidi George outlines performance-based contract and vision


Lagos, Nigeria (May 22, 2024) Finidi George, the newly-appointed Head Coach of the Nigerian national football team, the Super Eagles, has revealed details about his two-year performance-based contract. In an interview with ARISE NEWS on Wednesday, George shared his approach to the role and his aspirations for the team.

George emphasized that the contract’s duration is contingent on his performance, underscoring the significance of results over the length of the agreement. “It is not a one-year deal, and it is based on how well you perform,” George explained. “Even if you have given me a five-year deal, and I don’t perform, I will leave before those five years.”

His primary focus is on adding value to the team, winning games, and ensuring the Super Eagles play attractive and effective football. George stressed the importance of instilling a sense of responsibility and dedication among the players, highlighting the honor and challenge of representing Nigeria on the international stage. “Playing for Nigeria is bigger than playing for their various clubs,” he stated.

George aims to revive the commitment and level of play that Nigerian football fans have cherished in the past. “If we can do that, we would see the commitment from the players and have that same level of football Nigerians saw in the past,” he said. He acknowledged the uncertainty about the contract’s long-term prospects but remains focused on immediate goals.

A critical part of George’s strategy involves scouting and integrating both established players and home-grown talents into the team. He plans to field a balanced squad capable of executing an attacking style of football while maintaining defensive solidity. “We are not just going to bring players that cannot play,” he affirmed, stressing the need for a well-rounded team.

George also mentioned the importance of having a reliable support team, noting that he personally selected his coaching staff. “The people I am working with are the people I picked myself,” he said, highlighting his three-year experience in the league and his broader scouting responsibilities as the national coach.

Looking ahead, George is set to incorporate several home-grown talents into the squad for the upcoming matches. “We will get a couple of the home-grown talents to join us definitely in the two games that we will be participating in,” he confirmed, pointing to a commitment to nurturing local talent and enhancing the team’s overall depth.

As George embarks on this new chapter with the Super Eagles, his focus remains on performance, player commitment, and bringing the team back to its former glory on the international stage.

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