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Nigeria names team for Sambo at 13th African Games


The Sambo Association of Nigeria (SAN) has named a four-man team for the 13th African Games taking place in Accra, Ghana from March 8 to 23.
According to the Vice President of SAN, Sheriff Hammed, the contingent is made up of two men and two women and they are Jonah Kajido (79kg), James Chegwam (58kg), Fatima Ogbonyomi (65kg) and Charity Jatau (59kg).
“We carefully selected these athletes to represent us at the African Games based on their knowledge of the sport and Sambo being one of the demonstration sports in Ghana, we want to ensure that we are well represented in the event. This is the first time that Sambo will be part of the African Games as the sport is gaining ground across the globe and Nigeria should not be an exception. For now, the athletes are going camping in readiness for the games as we are just going there to add to the number but to make our presence felt in the event,” he said.
Hammed, who is also the Joint Secretary of Africa, International Association of Combative Sports (IACS), said participating in the games would give more people the opportunity to appreciate the uniqueness of the sport, being one of the fast-growing sports in the world. “We are hoping that taking part in the games would give us the chance to popularise the sport among Africans and Nigerians. More African countries are not embracing the sport and hopefully, it will be part of the Olympics sports very soon with the way it is growing across the globe,” he added.
Among the countries that will compete in the Sambo event aside from Nigeria are Algeria, Burkina Faso, Central African Republic (CAR)Cameroon, Congo DR, Egypt, Guinea, Mali, Morocco, Niger Republic, Togo and host – Ghana.

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