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James Agoh nets hat-trick in spectacular debut for Mylan FC


In a thrilling showdown between Mylan FC and Dha Bang, James Agoh stole the spotlight with a remarkable hat-trick performance, securing a 3-3 draw in his debut match for the club.
The former Bayelsa United star Agoh showcased his versatility as a forward, excelling in the roles of centre forward, left, and right winger.
The 1.8m tall centre forward was impressive for the duration of the game and was responsible for all the goals scored by Mylan FC against the first-division side.
Expressing his excitement and commenting about the match, Agoh promised to replicate the same form in future games for Mylan FC. In his words, he stated that “I am so excited to have been on the Scoresheet on three occasions in this fixture. It’s a debut hat trick for me and I am extremely excited about this feat which I hope to replicate in future games for Mylan FC and whenever I am given the chance to represent this club,” he concludes

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