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Golf Gators celebrate annual tournament with Mental Health awareness


Akanimo Kufre

The importance of Mental Health awareness was brought to the Ibom Icon Golf Course last weekend in Uyo as golfers and business club members, the Golf Gators played her annual golf tournament.

Mr. Orok Unoh, the immediate past President of Golf Gators in a chat shared why this year’s focus was on mental health and the economic advantage of hosting the tournament for Akwa Ibom citizens and Nigerians as well.

“Right at our core we love golf and we try to grow our businesses and social networks. We truly create wealth and also, we care about the community, the reason why we indulge in Corporate Social Responsibilities. This year, our social cause is Mental Health Awareness.

Mr. Unoh stressed that there is no better time to promote mental health for business operators and sports performance than now. He said Nigerians are going through a lot of stress to meet daily targets and financial obligations. For such reason the Gators engaged the services of a mental health expert who addressed participants and friends of the golfers on the solutions to mental health and related economic stability.

“We are a business Club, we believe the world is our golf course and we like to tour different courses. This year , our tour brought us to Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. We have had awesome time , networking with business partner and it was great. We also look at avenues to build business contacts . Golf Gators is really big on wealth creation as well as corporate social responsibility.”

Unoh highlighted business potentials seen in Akwa Ibom State with special emphasis on Tourism and Agriculture as surest ventures with good returns of investment. The golf event was sponsored by brands such as Moni, Yala, Press One and Houston EB5 among many others.

The annual golf event also marked the handing over of leadership to new Golf Gators executives led by Mr. Mayowa Ani.

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