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CR7 now a musician


. Spotted singing love song in viral video 

FANS have uncovered a video of Cristiano Ronaldo pouring his heart out to a love song.

People can’t believe what they’re seeing after an old video emerged of the Portuguese superstar singing “Amor Mio” by Julio Iglesias.
The video, recorded in 2009, was part of an advertising campaign in Ronaldo’s home country of Portugal.
It shows the 39-year-old sat in a music studio singing to the best of his ability as a dramatic backing track plays behind him.
The ad was for a now defunct bank named Banco Espirito Sanro (BES).
Ronaldo may be wishing that the video had disappeared in the same manner as the bank, but unfortunately for the Al Nassr striker it still lives on the internet.
Fans seemed to love the hilarious clip – which in truth was itself intended to be tongue in cheek.
But that didn’t stop them from reacting online with glowing reviews, as one wrote: “Not only the greatest football player of all time, but also the greatest singer of all time.”
A second added: “He has heavenly football skills and also a heavenly voice.”
While another commented: “Why am i in tears? His voice is like that of an angel…”
And a fourth joked: “Best singer in the world and you can’t change my mind!”
The campaign was filmed while Ronaldo was still in the days of his first spell at Manchester United.
The goal machine went on to sign for Real Madrid that summer and his fame and reputation reached dizzying heights far beyond singing in a national bank advert.
Now the star boasts campaigns with companies like Nike and Armani and has even launched his own underwear brand in the past.
Ronaldo will be firmly putting down the microphone this summer as he focuses on his football ahead of Euro 2024.
The five-time Ballon d’Or winner will be lining up in his 11th major international tournament for Portugal as he searches for a second European Championship.

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