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AAG 2024: Itsekiri, Olajide finish on the podium in 100m event


Akanimo Kufre

Nigeria’s Usheoritse Itsekiri has won silver medal for Nigeria in men’s 100m running a time of 10.23 seconds, behind Cameroon’s Emmanuel Alobwede Eseme, who clinched gold medal at 10.14sec. Namibia’s Hainuca Gilbert took bronze for his country after finishing in 10.29sec

Itsekiri, who previously won bronze in Rabat 2019, now claims the silver medal.

In the women’s 100m , Olayinka Olajide made the podium ceremony for bronze medal after an 11.55sec finish. Gina Mariam Bass of Gambia cruise to golden finish with 11.36 while Liberian went home with the women’s 100m silver medal at 11.49

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